April 10, 2022

Feedback with Jonterri Gadson and Kemiyondo Coutinho

Viral by Andrew St Juste (comedy pilot)

After a failed movie career, an ex-influencer returns to the listicle company that made her famous, but instead of the corner office she’s stuck mentoring the next generation of content creators. 

Featuring Rashawn Nadine Scott, Leonard A. Thomas, David Meyers, Kaiy Watts, Alex Crow, Tiffany Oglesby, Kimberly Hollkamp-Dinon, Kaitlyn Foley, and Nekia Renee

Pulaski Avenue by Dani Woodson and Sumayya Ayoub (children’s animation pilot)

Pulaski Ave. is the tale of Danielle and Sumayya, two besties, from different backgrounds who expolored their Philadelphia neighborhood while encountering bullies, oddball neighbors, and learning lessons about friendship and life. 

Featuring Georgina Captan, Nekia Renee, Lee Sherman, Gita Reddy, Rafiq Batcha, James Tang, Rashawn Nadine Scott, and Kaiy Watts

the 1 & only MJ Girls by Mars Wolfe (comedy pilot)

The Windy City gets a makeover when two drag queens dip Chicago’s nightlife into the pasty watercolors of America’s Fine Arts Administration. 

Featuring Linda La, Jerome Beck, LaNora Terraé Hayden, Londen Shannon, Tryphena Wade, and Rashawn Nadine Scott