April 19, 2020

Feedback with Sahar Jahani & Kemiyondo Coutinho

Nine to Go by Nicole L. Blair and Steven J. Turner

Carter Hudson starts a walking baseball tour business, but his inaugural tour in which he leads his family through Brooklyn is threatened to derail before it takes flight.

Featuring Jaz Wright, Délé Ogundiran, Maurice Demus, Mike Flood, Timi Mason, Vipul Munshi, Daryl Keith Roach, and Jonah Wharton

Root by Katherine Street

Following her mother’s death, Eva transfers to Dunbar University, falls in with a group of burgeoning hoodoo rootworkers – and through their half-baked spells of revenge and self-improvement, she discovers the truth about her own supernatural lineage.

Featuring Akilah Walker, @lanorahayden, Rashawn Nadine Scott, Candice Ramirez, Marshall Givens, Kimberly Hébert, Maurice Demus, Daryl Keith Roach, Jonah Wharton, and Nekia Renee

Musical guest: Jessica Lá Rel