April 2019

For the Taking by Charice Nicole Long (drama pilot)

Follows 16 year old Remi Sanders who, on the day of high school graduation, discovers her abductor some eight years ago was never captured, is still alive and free, and possibly the father of her best friend. She goes on a quest to  become the monster who has plagued her nightmares in hopes of overtaking him and regaining control of her life.

Featuring Breana Turner, Christopher Watson, Akilah Walker, Lakisha May, Alex Crow, Antwon Jones, Breana Turner, Maurice Demus, Samantha Cutaran, Anastasia Coon, and @leonard

Untitled Theme Park Thriller by Evan Manning (thriller pilot)

Featuring @leonard, @mdemus, Samantha Cutaran, Mari Weiss, Anastasia Coon, Antwon Jones, Breana Turner, Lakisha May, Alex Crow, and Akilah Walker

Ebony Stone by Crystal P. Garland (drama pilot)

A single mother is recruited to aid an underground radical network in 1980s America.

Featuring Lakisha May, Christopher Watson, Alex Crow, Breana Turner, Anastasia Coon, Mari Weiss, and Akilah Walker.