December 13, 2020

BOY-Friends by Devere Rogers and Vladimir Versailles

On Sunday, December 13th, we laughed and listened to the full script of Devere and Vladimir’s comedic pilot, BOY-Friends, which followed Derek Duplesis and his three best friends.

Derek Duplesis is a cocky up-and-coming comedian who is winning – until his girlfriend publicly rejects his marriage proposal and he has an embarrassing drunken meltdown that goes viral. There to catch him are his three gay best friends. To save money and figure out his life, he moves in with JoJo, Tyrone, and George, reuniting their squad, Da BOYS. The four roommates navigate life in this new – slightly awkward arrangement – and learn what it means to be a real man, secure in your masculinity and sexuality, and the true meaning of love, shade, and all things fabulous.

Featuring Larry Powell, Cornelius Smith Jr., Roger Q. Mason, Tracie Thoms, Steven Strobel, and Michael Rishawn