February 12, 2022

Feedback with Kemiyondo Coutinho and chandra thomas

My Addiction by Shanae Sharon (comedic short film)

Kat goes through a cycle of love addiction after meeting yet another man who she thinks is her soulmate. 

Featuring D’Kia Anderson, Millie Langford, Terrence Terrell, and Patrice Lakey

Me vs. You by Apoorva Gundeti (comedy pilot)

Corporate lawyer Sahana and artist Ben struggle to make their inter-racial relationship work. Sahana’s parents love Ben like their own son…so, what’s the problem? Well, Sahana’s company is responsible for the gentrification of the L.A. Arts District, which is now putting Ben out of work.

Featuring Anu Bhatt, Connor Sullivan, Yemie Sonuga, Huse Madhavji, Gita Reddy, Steve Han, Rami Khan, Desiree Staples, and Deepa Patel

Just a Friend by Kaypri (rom-com feature)

Despite their immediate connection on a hip-hop dance floor in the ’90s, a heartbroken undergraduate and a firefighter with a heart of gold, agree to just be friends out of respect for his promiscuous lifestyle and her celibacy.

Featuring Kendra Christel, Lanett Tachel, Vivia Armstrong, Darian Dauchan, Joshua R. Lamont, Abraham Ntonya, Leonard A. Thomas, and Rashawn Nadine Scott