February 23, 2020

Feedback from Kemiyondo Coutinho

Untitled Sarah Labie Pilot (comedy pilot)

An Ivy-League educated black woman on the verge of getting married into a very white family blackmails a stranger into becoming her best friend in an effort to retain a connection to her culture.

Featuring Tish Arana, Connor Sullivan, @leonard, @lexig, and Pamela Shaddock 

Beautiful Skin by Malik Aziz (drama pilot)

Bilal Salaam, a hugely successful commercial actor, is ready to transition into a movie star. But will he have to sacrifice his marriage and his family to do so?

Featuring Marshall Givens, Keyla McNeely, @leonard, @lexig, Connor Sullivan, and Jenelle Randall

Diversion by Mika Frank (drama pilot)

When the First Lady of Cleveland learns that her mayor husband’s opioid addiction has spiraled out of control, she’s forced into starting a drug ring to save her family. 

Featuring Keyla McNeely, Tobie Windham, Skye Shepard, @leonard, Larry Powell, @lexig, and Joyce Lee