February 26, 2023

Feedback with Jonterri Gadson and Mika Frank

IN THE VILLAGE by Monet Mike (drama pilot)

A community fights to navigate the ever-changing waters of its district. Five educators and a self-conscious middle schooler must keep their sanity and strength to make it through each unpredictable day.

Featuring Marqita Delgado, Adam Brudnicki, Julianna Ojeda, Kaitlyn Foley, Darryl Dunning, Amy Scribner, Altamese Rogers, Keisha Bissram, Janay D. Henry, Leonard A. Thomas, Georgina Navarro, Alex Morris, and Gita Reddy

Growing up in Decatur, Georgia, Monet entered the film industry by investing in herself. She wrote, produced, and co-directed her first pilot presentation in an effort to shine a light on a community she believed was misrepresented or absent often in the media. In finding safe spaces to learn and grow, Monet partners with other independent filmmakers to further develop her voice as a writer and skills as a producer. Monet’s mission is to carefully craft stories with a multi-perspective lens that humanizes people and “taboo” concepts. She is dedicated to creating art that positively impacts and challenges her local and global community.

VILLAINESQUE by Katherine Street (dramedy action pilot)

In a world where heroes and villains are simply rich jerks in fancy outfits, a bitter, struggling novelist takes a job writing for one of them and gets more than she bargained for. 

Featuring Rashawn Nadine Scott, Henry Alexander Kelly, Akilah Walker, Trip Langley, Andrew Elvis Miller, James Tang, Natasha LaGrone, Gita Reddy, Alexandra Ryan, Janay D. Henry, and Elena Campbell-Martínez

Katherine Street is an LA-based award-winning screenwriter and Philadelphia native. A cinephile at heart, she writes female-driven stories with complex (oftentimes damaged) main characters, centered around self-discovery, self-love, and belonging. She has written numerous short-form projects, including original shorts, pilots, and features. As a filmmaker, she wrote and directed the dramatic short film “Cycles,” and created her flagship web series “The New Adult,” which is currently streaming on Kweli TV. She earned her degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a concentration in cinematography. She has literary representation with Culture Creative Entertainment.