January 31, 2021

Full Reading of Lauren Glover’s The Dirty Spoon under the direction of Star Victoria

The Dirty Spoon by Lauren Glover (southern gothic drama pilot)

In 1930s Savannah, Georgia, blues, jazz, and supernatural forces prevail at rural juke joint The Dirty Spoon. The Spoon’s proud owner, SADIE MACK (30s), fights to save her beloved business—and later her life—after a powerful white man is found murdered on the premises. But in order to do so, she must overcome her hatred of the dead man’s wife—her own white passing sister, Anna.

Featuring Keyla McNeely, Rob Nagle, Kalea McNeill, Alex Morris, Asia Lynn Pitts, Leonard A. Thomas (@leonard), Amy Scribner, Lexi Graboski (@lexig), Jonah Wharton, Alex Crow, and Eric B. Anthony