Legacy by Maurice Hall (drama pilot)

Past demons resurface for twins, Romerio and Maggie, when their father is released from prison after 25 years for a murder he stills says he did not commit.

Featuring Christopher Watson, Nikiva Dionne, Alex Crow, Reggie Watkins, Keyla McNeely, William Christopher Stephens, Chelsea Harvey, Chavonne LeNoir, Jernard Burks, Jenelle Randall, and @leonard

The Black Diamond by Evan Manning (drama pilot)

Iron-willed Effa Manley faces racism, scrupulous businessman and egotistical players as she runs a Negro League baseball team in 1940s Newark.

Featuring Jenelle Randall, William Christopher Stephens, Danny Jacobs, Christopher Watson, @leonard, Chavonne LeNoir, ToaVon Sheats, Dani Woodson, Jernard Burks, Alex Crow, and Keyla McNeely

Cleveland Transit by Mika Frank (comedy pilot)

When an unruly bus driver’s attempt to save a passenger goes viral, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands in order to save her job. 

Featuring Kimberly Hébert Gregory, @leonard, Chelsea Harvey, Jernard Burks, Jenelle Randall, Danny Jacobs, Dani Woodson, Hank Chen, Newton Kaneshiro, and Keyla McNeely