June 7, 2020

Feedback from Kay Oyegun and Kemiyondo Coutinho

Third Girl from the Right by Crystal Garland

Satirical drama about the challenges of being an ambitious Black actress in Hollywood.

Featuring Yaani King Mondschein, Christina Elmore, Lexi Graboski, Andrew Elvis Miller, Jernard Burks, Lee Sherman, Susan Louis O’Connor, Mike Flood, and Rashawn Nadine Scott

The Femme Four by Mika Frank

In a dystopian future, post-Elizabeth Warren, where chauvinists have rid many women of their rights, a depressed feminist superhero decides to take a break from protecting the city of Twinsboro. But after a supervillain abducts patients from an illegal women’s healthcare clinic, it pushes her back into a battle that ends up costing her one of her superpowers.

Featuring Tiffany Oglesby, Keysha Edwards, Mike Flood, Leonard Thomas, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Jaz Wright, Gita Reddy, Lee Sherman, Kila Kitu, and Rashawn Nadine Scott

Musical guest: Pablo Saldana