March 2019

Welcoming Jolie by Charice Nicole Long (drama feature)

An estranged recovering addict returns home for the first time in 5 years to say goodbye to her dying father and make amends with her family at the expense of her sobriety, empire, and perhaps her life.

Featuring Kelly McCreary, Maurice Hall, Lakisha May, @leonard, Millie Langford, and Akilah Walker

Canary by Crystal P. Garland (drama pilot)

After a night with an older man, an undocumented teen is implicated in her best friend’s disappearance. 

Featuring Kelly McCreary, Millie Langford, Akilah Walker, Maurice Hall, Lakisha May, and @leonard

Hun by Christina Martin (feature)

A stay-at-home mom searching for something more, finds herself ensnared in the world of multi-level marketing.

Featuring Kelly McCreary, Lakisha May, @leonard, Millie Langford, and Akilah Walker