May 15, 2022

Feedback with chandra thomas and Sylvia L. Jones

The Flags Need Soil by Ezra Lerner (one-hour dramedy pilot)

A depressed gamer yearning for change must decide whether or not to enlist in the army at the behest of a recruiter desperate to avoid losing his job and being redeployed.

Featuring Leonard A. Thomas, James Tang, Cassandra Hunter, Breezy Leigh, Satya Vanii, Phil Idrissi, Roni Banerjee, and Jaz Wright

Red for Revolution by Jana Smith (period drama short film)

When a Black female revolutionary is assassinated, the two women left in her stead, a famous apolitical jazz singer and a radical activist, happen upon an unlikely romance that they must protect during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history.

Featuring sola bamis, Shinelle Azoroh, Leonard A. Thomas, and Kila Kitu

Truck My Life by Sharona D’Ornellas (dramedy pilot)

Truck My Life follows Vaughn, an African American man in his mid thirties, as he converts an old food truck into a functional home to save money for his future real estate dreams. Comedy ensues as he simultaneously tries to find love in fickle Los Angeles, while essentially being homeless.

Featuring Philip Smithey, Shinelle Azoroh, Joshua R. Lamont, Rafiq Batcha, Gita Reddy, Jordan Williams, Jerome Beck, Kiayla Ryann, and Breezy Leigh