Life Unknown by Jennifer Sun Bell (short film)

After losing her unborn child in a horrific car accident, a timid young woman feeling trapped by her small town and boyfriend must find her voice and courage again to save her friends and ultimately herself.

Featuring Hojo Shin, Eddie Liu, Candice Ramirez, @lanorahayden, Tim Chiou, Jonah Wharton, @leonard, Tamika Simpkins, and Chavonne LeNoir

Ladylike by Katherine Street (comedy pilot)

A half-hour comedy that follows four old college friends who attempt to redefine womanhood. This diverse, raunchy, and unapologetically feminist series explores life, love and everything in between while passing the Bechdel test with flying colors… most of the time.

Featuring Stacy Ike, Lexi Graboski, Karimah Campbell, Erica Castillo, Tim Chiou, Jonah Wharton, @leonard, and Lakisha May

To Serve With Honor by Alynxia America and Tony L. Patterson (drama pilot)

A gritty, one-hour drama exploring the violent, unjust and complex world of women serving in the United States Armed Forces. From sexual abuse, to love and murder; secrets are revealed and relationships are compromised.

Featuring Geffri Maya, Erica Castillo, Lexi Graboski, Millie Langford, Candice Ramirez, Jonah Wharton, ToaVon Sheats, and @leonard