May 31, 2020

Feedback from Delondra Mesa and Kemiyondo Coutinho

Dark Brown by Keisha Bissram (dramatic feature)

A young woman growing up into adulthood is still struggling with her youthful past and insecurities while trying to find her own voice. 

Featuring Samra Teferra, Andrew Truong, Behzad Dabu, Cassandra Hunter, Rieanna Duncan, Dionne Audain, Amy Scribner, Hershey Suri, and Nekia Renee

NAME: SOPHIA by Mario (Mars) Wolfe  (comedy pilot)

How do you become the next Oprah? Sophia’s asking for a friend. Having just moved in with her TV producing son, Sophia must unpack dreams deferred, and pick up modern dating rules in the new place she calls home. But how soon can a newly single newcomer, mama of two, call LA home? 

Featuring Kimberly Hébert, York Walker, Tryphena Wade, Lincoln Blake, Tamika Simpkins, and Cassandra Hunter 

MALUHIA/Love Waves by Jolene Kim (tragicomedy feature)

After her lover’s sudden death, heart-surgeon Maluhia “Malu” Lee, 30s, Asian American, content with her perfectly planned life finds herself the legal guardian of her lover’s kid, Tommy (10). With no other known relatives, Malu reluctantly takes Tommy in, hurling her into challenges from parental duties to cultural clashes. As they finally find their stride, a relative shows up to claim Tommy.

Featuring Nanrisa Lee, Jonah Wharton, James Tang, Karen Huie, and Gita Reddy