November 21, 2021

Feedback with Kemiyondo Coutinho and Jamila Daniel

MAGIC DADDY by Justin Casselle (drama-comedy pilot)

A world-renowned magician’s disappearance forces his two adult children to connect with a brother they never knew they had in order to track down their father and save the family.

Featuring Brooks Brantly, Leonard A. Thomas, Inger Tudor, Rashawn Nadine Scott, Alex Morris, Marcuis Harris, Alexandria Delgado, Courtney Gabrielle Williams, LaNora Terraè Hayden, Anwar Ali, and Yemie Sonuga

HAYS COUNTRY by Sabah Muhammad (drama pilot)

When family rivalries tear notorious bank robbers apart, their slipping stronghold on the West makes them a target for the enemies they made on the way to the top.

Featuring Krystal Farris, Marcuis Harris, CJ Dickinson, O’Neil Cespedes, Jason Michael Miller, Andrew Elvis Miller, Daniel Will-Harris, Anwar Ali, Courtney Gabrielle Williams, Jonah Wharton, André Sogliuzzo, Alexandria Delgado, and Gita Reddy

THE DOOR OF NO RETURN by EJ Tanner (horror feature)

While on spring break, five Black college students get trapped in a cursed slave castle off the coast of Senegal. Their search for a deeper connection to their roots brings them face-to-face with friends who want to ensnare them in eternal bondage. Can this group of friends come together and escape this level of hell, or will they suffer the same fate as the wretched souls trapped in this forsaken mausoleum?

Featuring LaNora Terraè Hayden, Courtney Gabrielle Williams, Leonard A. Thomas, Maurice Demus, Brooks Brantly, André Sogliuzzo, Alex Morris, and Inger Tudor