October 11, 2020

Root by Katherine Street

We were so enthralled when we heard the first 15 pages of Katherine Street’s thriller pilot at our first virtual reading. On Sunday, October 12th, we revisited Root to see what unfolded in the full pilot.

Following her mother’s death, Eva transfers to Dunbar University, falls in with a group of burgeoning hoodoo rootworkers – and through their half-baked spells of revenge and self-improvement, she discovers the truth about her own supernatural lineage.

Featuring Akilah Walker, Kaiy Watts, Rashawn Nadine Scott, Candice Ramirez, @mdemus, Daryl Keith Roach, Kimberly Hébert, Jared Corbin, @lanorahayden, Marshall Givens, Pamela Shaddock, Andrew Elvis Miller, and Nekia Renee