October 2019

Feedback from Ngozi Anyanwu and Keith Josef Adkins

Ivar Tunnel (Shook Ones) by Akilah Walker (short film)

A young black woman confronts a white woman taking refuge underneath a bridge in Hollywood.

Featuring sola bamis, Keiana Richàrd, Angela Gulner, ToaVon Sheats, and Christy Escobar

Slice by Alexi Gonzalez (sci-fi pilot)

Amaris is an intimacy-avoiding computer programmer who has been tasked with a mission to hunt down the Slices of her soul she lost to the loves and lusts of her past. Will Amaris accept this journey into the dark recesses of her past or suffer the fate of the terrifying Engulfment?

Featuring Alondra Lara, sola bamis, ToaVon Sheats, Tristan Laurence Perez, Candice Ramirez, Gita Reddy, and Rashawn Nadine Scott

The Enduring by Evan Manning

A young educator placed on administrative leave applies for a home-schooling job she found online, while waiting for her hearing. The high-profile gig thrusts her into a world of political coercion, murder and generations-old black magic.

Featuring Keiana Richàrd, Gita Reddy, @leonard, Tiffany Oglesby, ToaVon Sheats, Candice Ramirez, Michael Flood, Kila Kitu, Jernard Burks, and James Tang

The Turnpike by Keith Josef Adkins (suspenseful feature)

After organizing a diversity rally on campus, a young Black college student finds herself the target of a killer and quickly learns that sometimes your ally is your enemy.

Featuring Candice Ramirez, @lanorahayden, Kila Kitu, Jernard Burks, Jonah Wharton, James Tang, Alex Crow, @leonard, and Michael Flood