October 24, 2021

Feedback from Kemiyondo Coutinho

Antisense by Rimi B. Chatterjee (sci-fi pilot)

The survivors of climate change gather in Climate Town, a UN-mandated refuge in Southeast Asia, and fight to save their future against the powers of exploiting their homelands and destroying their lives.

Featuring Gita Reddy, Michael Flood, Rafiq Batcha, Deepa Patel, Soma Mitra, Nikhaar Kishnani, Leilani Marie Smith, Mo Rodvanich, Brandon English, and Apoorva Gundeti

Black Flame by Myah Daniels (suspenseful drama pilot)

After a fire occurs at Vale Valley Prep, bookworm Sloan Sanders and the rest of the Black student body begin receiving mysterious text messages, leading them on a dangerous hunt to find the mysterious messenger.

Featuring Jairis Carter, Marie Dupree, Dakota Kruz, Caryn Ruby, Alex Crow, Moselle Davis-Kaufman, Bryan Keith, Lee Sherman, Phil Idrissi, Tamika Simpkins, and Nekia Renee

Facsimile by Shana L. Darabie (sci-fi/horror feature)

A woman obsessed with following the rules finds herself in a terrifying situation where the rules no longer apply after she’s assigned to work on a frozen planet populated by colonists hiding their own dreadful secret.

Featuring Puja Mohindra, Mari Weiss, Alex Crow, James Tang, Nikhaar Kishnani, Marcuis Harris, Leilani Marie Smith, Phil Idrissi, Gita Reddy, Mo Rodvanich, and Tamika Simpkins