October 30, 2022

Feedback with LaToya Morgan and Christina Martin

The Monitor by Reynaldo Dumas (sci-fi pilot)

In a futuristic society not far removed from our own, crime and racism have purportedly been eliminated by an authority which requires all members of society to wear monitors that track their every movement. However, when a wealthy mother goes missing following a harrowing car accident, the balance of power will soon shift when she becomes a slave to a pair of nomads living off the grid.

Featuring Jody Flader, Carolina Hoyos, Alexandria Delgado, Satya Vanii, Kaypri, Leonard A. Thomas, Phil Idrissi, Trip Langley, Kimberly Hollkamp-Dinon, and Rashawn Nadine Scott

Reynaldo Dumas is an up-and-coming writer with ambitions to direct feature films. His favorite genre is sci-fi, and he wants to create stories that center around the African-American experience using science fiction elements. Based out of Chicago, Reynaldo enjoys playing guitar, drawing, and reading in his spare time.

Moonchild by Chris Courtney Martin (horror feature)

After a visit from her estranged mother, a Millennial werewolf is forced to choose between a successful life in the human world and the survival of her pack.

Featuring Kimberly Hébert, Toccarra Cash, J.R. Gomez, Daniel Mills, Will Slanger-Grant, and Dani Woodson

Chris Courtney Martin is a Black Non-Binary/Queer writer-producer-psychic originally from Philadelphia, PA. In 2014, they graduated from Drexel University with a degree in screenwriting and playwriting, with dual minors in film &video and art history. Their time at Drexel, yielded publication in The Triangle (student newspaper) and the school’s annual anthology, The 33rd. Martin’s screenwriting credits include Pale Horse-the upcoming feature directorial debut of Gabourey Sidibe, along with smaller projects starring legendary talent such as Sheryl Lee Ralph and Niecy Nash. With their spec screenplays having garnered several accolades, including wins at Urbanworld and Emerging Screenwriters as well as mentions on the Young & Hungry and Bitch Lists, Martin sees a return to poetry and other literature to be the next test of their writing skills. Their hybrid chapbook of poems and essays titled The Book Of I.P. (Idle Poems) is available in paperback on Amazon. Their other poetic works not included in this collection have been published via Erato Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, and The Incognito Press.