September 2019

Reggie and Jackson Save the World by Reggie Watkins and Jackson McQueen (comedy pilot)

When aliens plot to take over Earth, two Black dudes come to the rescue. It’s Atlanta meets Alien Nation. It’s the Odd Couple meets V (1984).

Featuring Marshall Givens, Melvin Jackson Jr., Tamika Simpkins, William Christopher Stephens, @lanorahayden, @meganhope, Connor Sullivan, Giovanni Ortega, and @leonard.

The Book of Saya by Stephanie M. Mosley (drama pilot)

After getting dumped on the day of her wedding, a young woman moves to New York City to pursue her dreams and overcome the trauma of a past rape.

Featuring sola bamis, Tory Devon Smith, Jernard Burks, Tamika Simpkins, @lanorahayden, William Christopher Stephens, Marshall Givens, and Taylor Bennett

Hun by Christina Martin (dramedy feature)

A stay-at-home mom searching for something more, finds herself ensnared in the world of multi-level marketing.

Featuring @lanorahayden, Kelly McCreary, @leonard, Millie Langford, Akilah Walker, and Gita Reddy.

Cinderellas of America (C.O.A.) by Kemiyondo Coutinho (comedy pilot)

When Cindy’s happily ever after is threatened by border control, she takes matters into her own hands. 

Featuring Makha Mthembu, Rashawn Scott, @meganhope, Tamika Simpkins, Connor Sullivan, Giovanni Ortega, Melvin Jackson Jr., ToaVon Sheats, Akilah Walker