September 26, 2021

Feedback from Kemiyondo Coutinho and Rachelle R. Williams

Baptême by Jana Smith (surreal mockumentary short film)

The petty ass, messy ass ladies of a hit reality series have resumed production. And when one of the stars experiences a traumatic event, she seeks support from her closest friends and fellow castmates, only to be betrayed by them. She then must find healing in a place she never thought to look.

Featuring Tryphena Wade, Chanell Bell, Lakisha May, Toccarra Cash, Lorene Chesley, Alma Schofield, Kila Kitu, Ananiah Hogan, Kamal Bolden, and Inger Tudor 

Brute by Nathan James (drama pilot)

A broke college student joins a peculiar escort service—which caters to the taboo desires of wealthy couples—to help pay tuition. Rising racial tensions in the city of Pittsburgh cause him to question whether he is contributing to a problematic belief about his existence.

Featuring Ronald Emile, Allison Winn, Rashawn Nadine Scott, Paul McKinney, Leonard A. Thomas, Kaiy Watts, Toccarra Cash, Will Slanger-Grant, Justyn Williams, Jonah Wharton, and Courtney Gabrielle Williams

Remembering Charmaine by Katherine Street (dramedy pilot)

After the media erroneously reports the death of former child star-turned social pariah Charmaine Fox, she’s compelled to redeem herself in order to leave behind a more positive legacy.

Featuring Courtney Gabrielle Williams, Leonard A. Thomas, Lorene Chesley, Trip Langley, Antonio David Lyons, Kaitlyn Foley, Ethan Michael Hernández, and Rashawn Nadine Scott