December 6, 2020

Feedback with Alesia Etinoff and Kemiyondo Coutinho

Grief Is Normal by Tiffany Yvonne Cox & Mildred Marie Langford (dramedy pilot)

Two driven, African American women in 1958 Los Angeles, find an unlikely friendship after meeting at The Center for Unfortunate People.

Featuring Joy Brunson, Tiffany Oglesby, CJ Lindsey, Deanna Reed Foster, Tryphena Wade, LaNora Terraé Hayden (@lanorahayden), Rashawn Nadine Scott, Gail Rastorfer, and LaNisa Frederick

Nut City by Tamika Simpkins (dramedy pilot)

In the vein of the classic whodunit, in the small town of Walnut City, two odd-couple-esque detectives, with a complexly layered partnership, investigate a murder/kidnapping, interrogate the quirky residents and uncover a town secret more eerie than the blood left on the carpet.

Featuring Dana L. Wilson, Brooks Brantly, Lee Sherman, Rashawn Nadine Scott, LaNora Terraé Hayden (@lanorahayden), Jully Lee, Trip Langley, and Kila Kitu (@kilakitu)

Red Planet One by Lainnie Contreras Felán (sci-fi pilot)

A troubled, smart ass, space cop leads an investigation to solve a shocking disappearance, partnering with a mysterious ally, while Red Planet Colonists confront the threat of space sickness.

Featuring Alondra Lara, Tim Chiou (@timmchiou), Jeff Thompson, Alejandro Patiño, Selina Scott-Bennin, Elena Campbell-Martinez, and Amelia Rico