February 25, 2024

Feedback from Lee Edward Colston II and Jonterri Gadson

THE BASEMENT written by J.D. Elliby (crime drama pilot)

A resilient 12-year-old African-American girl goes on the run from a corrupt cop and his henchmen after he murders her mother.

Featuring Lee Sherman, Candace Thomas, Jernard Burks, Alexandra Ryan, Daniel Lynch, Alexander Crow, Brensten Lindsey, Jasmine Ashanti, Gilbert Chayrez-Chavarria, Isabella Riley, and James Tang

Over the past twenty-five years, J.D. Elliby has been stalked by aggressive parents, chased down back roads in West Virginia, and even pulled over by the Federales in Cartel Country. All of these adventures occurred during his relentless pursuit of the next MLB star. He’s a Major League Baseball scout with a knack for storytelling.

UNDERCOVER STARDOM by Michael Flood (period crime drama pilot)

During the height of the 90s NY hip-hop/R&B scene, and following the tragic murder of her fiancé, a smart, adaptable, and messy Vice detective goes undercover as an R&B singer to take down a shady CEO and his infamous gangster record label.

Featuring Lakisha May, Philip Smithey, Gilbert Glenn Brown, Alexandra Ryan, Leonard A. Thomas, Peter Pasco, Alexander Crow, Phil Idrissi, and Tamika Simpkins

Michael Flood is an actor and writer based in Los Angeles and hails from New York.

Although Michael is a classically trained actor who worked in various theatrical and television productions throughout his career, he reunited with his love for writing during the COVID pandemic, where he wrote and produced a three-part sketch comedy series involving mask-wearing, Russian spies, and Black Republicans in the 2020 presidential election.

In addition to earning his MFA in acting from Case Western/Cleveland Play House and studying at The Groundlings Improv Theatre, Michael has taken writing classes at the New Federal Theatre, Groundlings, Gotham Writers Workshop and Script Anatomy.

His aim is to tell stories that will make you laugh, cry and not fall asleep.