March 14, 2021

Feedback from Kemiyondo Coutinho and Anil K. Foreman.

Babygirl by Kaypri (dramedy one-hour pilot)

Set in the mid-80s hip hop era, Summer, a bi-racial 11 year old from Northern New Jersey, is the only child of older activist parents who escapes to her TV when she is forced to navigate middle school, her racial identity, and the inevitable death of her father.

Featuring Lee Sherman, Zariyah Johnson, Suzan Mikiel, Alex Morris, Alena Cameron, Justice Freedom Jones, and Inger Tudor.

Breakout by Gita Reddy (comedy pilot)

Two women struggle to keep their dysfunctional diversity training company afloat, performing ridiculously stilted sketches for corporate clients while trying to hang onto their ideals.

Featuring Joy Regullano, chandra thomas, Huse Madhavji, Alexander Crow, Jackie Chung, Amy Scribner, and Yemie Sonuga.

Confessions of a Rock-Mom by Joi Adams, Toccarra Cash, and Janette Ellis (comedy pilot)

A Black, Xennial non-profit mogul on the cusp of having it all struggles with finding out she’s pregnant with baby number 2, but with the support of her eclectic sister tribe and doting husband, she navigates her new normal.

Featuring Madia Hill Scott, Nathan James, Brittany Bellizeare, Dina Thomas, Diana Sanchez, Pamela Shaddock, James Tang, and Rashawn Nadine Scott.