March 13, 2022

Feedback with Tash Gray

Pedigree: 1981 by Chanell Bell (dark comedy pilot)

Laurie is determined to make the Best Entertainment Television Network the best entertainment network of all time, but first, she must cover a few sex scandals, a few lies, and espionage in the process.

Featuring Courtney Gabrielle Williams, Alex Morris, B. Alexander, Elayn Taylor, Eric B. Anthony, James WDL Mercer II, Kaiy Watts, Tarina Bradshaw, and Tamika Simpkins

The Voice of Saya by Stephanie M. Mosley (drama pilot)

Silenced by sexual trauma, Faith Saya Clarke haphazardly embarks on an enlightening journey to discover her own resilience, humor, and power as she becomes a voice for the voiceless.

Featuring Breezy Leigh, Tory Devon Smith, Leonard A. Thomas, Alex Morris, Elayn Taylor, June Jones, Kaiy Watts, and Courtney Gabrielle Williams

The Expatriates by Katherine Street (period drama feature)

In the spring of 1929, a young Black couple visits Paris to find a sense of meaning, belonging, and a more promising future – but they cannot quite shake everything they left behind.

Featuring Akilah Walker, Maurice Demus, Eric B. Anthony, Amberlin Morse, Evangeline Edwards, Morgan Gunter, and Tamika Simpkins